Daily Currency Call (22 Oct 2021)

Currency in focus:
Cad & Crypto

Currency call trade idea:

USDCAD trade idea: 1.2273 test has taken place with no trades currently on. 1.2273 if it does break look to sell here with a strengthening CAD. 1.2250 entry using a 50 pip stop loss and a 200 pip take profit.

For BTCUSD & ETHUSD a bullish sentiment remains with buying opportunities into pull backs, showing caution with risk management given the high degree of a volatility.

A disclaimer; Any information shared during this session is not intended to be a trade recommendation, it is solely the opinion and views of the speaker. So, please remember to do your own analysis prior to entering any trades.


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By Scott Andrews

Scott Andrews is an Australian based trend and swing trader using the daily, 4 hour and 1 hour time frames to trade the major Forex pairs. He has previously worked in China as a performance coach for their Winter Olympic Team at the time refining his trading skillset and building his trading capital. He runs a YouTube channel discussing his thoughts on markets as well as being the Account Manager & Team Leader (Australia) for ForexBriefcase. Recently Scott took on the role as Senior Trading Coach for LCMS Traders.

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