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Use our customizable forex economic calendar to keep up with trending global events that could potentially impact financial markets. Over the years, our top-tier economic calendar has become a must-have for traders who are looking to track and analyze forex market activity. It gives you a complete overview of live forex news and technical analysis. If you’re a budding trader, use our calendar to quickly learn the ropes by keeping up with relevant, insightful, and high-impact news. You can also pick up on new strategies, manage trading risks, and get curated information using our calendar. We strongly recommend checking our economic calendar for updates every morning. Over time, you’ll acclimatize to the format and begin to explore relevant sections that help you manage risk more effectively, plan ahead, and improve your trading. Our philosophy is simple: we want to help you avoid getting blindsided. Keep up with key insights that affect market activity so you can become a seasoned trading pro.