Overall, GBP/USD is ranging across. Recently, GBP/USD bounced up from the key level of 1.41.

Bank of England Governor Bailey will be speaking later at 1630 (GMT+8). During this time, there may be volatility in GBP.

Day 1 of the G7 meetings will be held today. During this time, there may be volatility in the market. Also, day 2 and 3 of the meetings will be held over the weekend.

GBP/USD’s next support zone is at 1.40000 and the next resistance zone is at 1.43500.
Look for short-term selling opportunities of GBP/USD.

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By Jin Dao Tai

JinDao Tai is an Entrepreneur, Award-Winning Forex Coach & Trainer, International Speaker and Multi-Million Dollar Trader. Starting out his career as an economic & financial consultant in Australia, one day he decided to change his life and pivoted into multiple entrepreneurship endeavours and eventually into managing a multi-million dollar portfolio.

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