Forex trading using a mobile device.

The global forex trading market is worth more than 1.93 quadrillion. To put it in perspective, its value is higher than twice the size of the global GDP. The Asian Forex trading sessions make up a substantial part of daily trades. Their low liquidity and volatility make them an attractive choice for savvy investors.

We know that technology has transformed almost every industry, sector, and trade globally, and Asian Forex markets are no exception. We’re not just talking about derivate influences but their direct impact on daily trades. For a market that runs a volume of trillions of dollars in currency trade every day, that’s huge.

In the modern, tech-oriented, digitalized world, it was inevitable that Asian forex markets would embrace technology. Let’s find out more, shall we?

Forex trading charts on a laptop and a tablet.

Tech has changed Asian forex trading in primarily two ways. Firstly, the availability of the latest mobile technology has enabled traders to take care of business on the go. Forex trades can be made while traveling with a tap of a button. This increased accessibility has decreased the entry barrier for new traders, which has led to increased competition.

Secondly, digitalization has enabled faster transmission of information. The global trade community, particularly in the western hemisphere, keeps a close eye on Asian market news. As we said earlier, forex trading is no longer just for experts, but an accessible, potentially rewarding career for new investors. 

Since the 2008 financial crisis, electronic trading has increased from less than 50 percent to approximately 70 percent, which speaks volumes of the tech influence.A growing number of tech start-ups in the Asia Pacific region have started channeling their efforts to capture the regional forex market through tech innovation.

By leveraging the latest technology, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, investors can gain better insights and improved analysis to make more calculated decisions, or better yet, let AI make the decisions. From predicting market movements to forecasting exchange rates, there are plenty of functions AI can handle.

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