Tonight will be key to see if risk on sentiment comes in during the US session and, my main watch will be on AUDUSD which has now moved higher through 0.7222.

Currently as I write this the pair is breaking out, I will wait to see how this 4 hour closes before an entry with the stop being at 0.7222. if the risk off sentiment continues I will be looking to get long on Gold, I’ll be looking for price to hold above 1932 on a 4 hour candle.

The US index is currently turning and it will be key to see if the move higher continues or if the rally runs out of steam, if so AUDUSD long thesis holds up and I will be ok to hold this postion tonight.


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By scott.andrews275

Scott Andrews is an Australian based trend and swing trader using the daily, 4 hour and 1 hour time frames. He has previously worked in China as a performance coach for their Winter Olympic Team and runs a YouTube channel as well as remotely trading for a London Prop Firm.

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